Eaton H-Max 480VAC Drives

H-Max Drives

Product Description
Eaton’s H-Max Series VFD has software and hardware designed specifically for the HVAC, pump industry. The ultra-efficient DC capacitor and power structure allows the drive toconsume less energy, lowering greenhouse gases.The I/O configuration is designed with wiring ergonomics in mind by including removable terminal blocks. The main, easily removable, control board used for all drive frames with six digital IN, twoanalog IN, one analog OUT, three relay OUT accepts two additional I/O or communication board. In addition, the control board has built-in RS-485 and Ethernet communication.These drives continue thetradition of robust performance, and raise thebar on features and functionality, ensuring thebest solution at the rightprice.In addition to the Active Energy Control Algorithm to maximize motor efficiency, the drive boasts an ultra-efficient DC capacitor and power structure to allow less energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gases.

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